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Unsung Gems 70s to Now - Facebook 追いつきアップ(Part 3)

Unsung Gems - 70s to Now --- Vol. 11

(2012.8.25 FB Posted)

You've Got It - Simply Red (1989) 
From the album "A New Flame"

Although this beautiful blue-eyed soul song written by Lamont Dozier of Motown fame was cut as single in UK, it wasn't even a major hit for whatever reasons, so this definitely qualifies as an "unsung gem." Mick Hucknall is one of the best blue-eyed soul singers that UK has ever produced, and this song clearly proves it and also reflects the unforgettable atmosphere of treasuring the good R&B musics now & then so prevalent in UK back in mid- to late 80s. Mick's voice can give you some breezy coolness in this searing heat of summer...enjoy!


Unsung Gems - 70s to Now --- Vol. 12

(2012.8.26 FB Posted)

Shaekespeare - Susan Cagle (2006) 
From the album "The Subway Recordings"

Honestly speaking, I don't know why Susan Cagle is still unnoticed even after she debuted with the brilliant album "The Subway Recordings." Her solid songwriting and mainstream catchy pop/rock is right on the money for most of current music fans - consider her as Tracy Chapman rocking on the self-written pop songs as if she's Taylor Swift! This song, and all of those in the album, was recorded live in NYC Subway stations, and you couldn't help yourself but to tap and stomp to the beat and her great song! Please take a listen to the whole album, as it was so good that I put this album as #2 Best Album of 2006.

正直言ってこれだけの才能とパフォーマンスを見せてくれる実力派スーザン・ケイグルが、素晴らしいデビューアルバム『The Subway Recordings』リリース後もう5年経つのに未だにメジャーな人気を得ていない理由がわからない。彼女の実力あるソングライティングとメインストリームのキャッチーなポップ・ロックは正に今の音楽ファンのストライク・ゾーンだと思うのだが。誤解を恐れずにたとえると、ロックっぽいトレーシー・チャップマンがまるテイラー・スイフトのような歌声でポップ・ソングを軽快に歌っているのがスーザンという感じ。この曲とこのアルバムの殆どの曲が実際にNYCの地下鉄の駅でバスキング・ライブ収録されたもので、曲を聴くと体を動かさずにいられない、そんな魅力いっぱいのアルバム、是非一度聴いて見て下さい。ちなみにあまりに良かったので私は自分の2006年度ベスト・アルバムの第2位に入れました。

Unsung Gems - 70s to Now --- Vol. 13

(2012.9.2 FB Posted)

Crazy - Hot House (1988) 
From the album "South"

The album "South" is truly a buried gem with the highest musicianship quality issued in 1980's UK during its R&B renaissance era. All songs but three were written by the band and the excellent vocalist Heather Small, who later becomes famous as lead vocal of M People ("Moving On Up" hit UK Top 10 and US Top 40). Back in 1988, Hot House was one of those UK soul bands, but an excellent one. Take a listen to this sizzling R&B ballad - Heather's vocal reminiscent that of big blues big names such as Ella. And this song was written by Willie Nelson! The rest of the album is equally or even more wonderful and whenever you find this truly unnoticed gem in the CD store - I strongly suggest that you grab it if you are love a true good music. Enjoy!

この曲の収録されたアルバム『South』は80年代UKがR&B懐古ブームの真っ最中にリリースされた素晴らしいミュージシャンシップで作り上げられた正に見逃された逸品というに相応しい作品。3曲以外は全曲バンドの自作自演で、共作者の一人、ボーカルヘザー・スモールは後にMピープルを結成し、英米でヒット曲となった「Moving On Up」を発表。1988年当時はホットハウスはシーンを彩るUKソウルバンドのワンオブゼムでしたがその音楽性は素晴らしかった。この匂い立つようなR&Bバラードを是非聴いて下さい。ヘザーのボーカルは堂々としてエラを彷彿させるほどの表現力。そしてこの曲、実はウィリー・ネルソンの曲なんですね!アルバムの他の曲も本当に素晴らしいので、いい音楽が好きな方は次にCD屋でこのアルバムを見かけたら是非ゲットすることをお勧めします。Enjoy!

Unsung Gems - 70s to Now --- Vol. 14 

(2012.9.9 FB Posted)

Black Gold - Esperanza Spalding (2012) 
From the album "Radio Music Society"

She came out of nowhere last year to nab the Best New Artists for 2011 Grammy as the first jazz artist ever to win that award. She is the youngest instructor at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. And she's a cool R&B and jazz singer playing wood bass. How cool is that! And if you take a look at this video clip, you will feel her deep love for the music and pride in being the part of the African American cultural heredity. If you love R&B, jazz, blues, soul music - I bet you instantly love this tune, and eventually, this album. I know this album will definitely make it to my 2012 annual top 10 list. Enjoy!


Unsung Gems - 70s to Now --- Vol. 15

(2012.9.15 FB Posted)

Just Call My Name - Alyson Williams (1989) 
From the album "Raw"

Back when I was dipped deep down in 80's soul, Alyson's "Just Call My Name" was day-changing song at the midnight after a lot of dancing, with a glass of good rum & soda. This is quintessential 80's slow jam at its best. The harmonix sound of the guitar of the intro always turns me on....enjoy this gem after midnight, with your better half if possible.


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