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Unsung Gems 70s to Now - Facebook追いつきアップ(Part 2)

Unsung Gems - 70s to Now --- Vol. 6

(2012.8.5 FB Posted)

New York, New York - Ryan Adams (2001) 
From the album "Gold"

Whoever was in New York City in 2001 to go through the 9-11 incident, and whoever loves the great American roots music, Ryan Adams' this song is something that cannot be forgotten for years. Even though having released great alt-country, roots rock, and troubadour type singer-and-songwriter gems for all these years, Ryan Adams have only been recognized by the music critics and dedicated followers, and that's really a shame. This second solo album is simply a masterpiece for those who loved 70s country rock. Take a listen!


Unsung Gems - 70s to Now --- Vol. 7

(2012.8.11 FB Posted)

Zero To Sixty In Five - Pablo Cruise (1976) 
From the album "Lifeline"

Before Pablo Cruise broke the U.S. hit chart with "Whatcha Gonna Do?," they had already been the U.S. west coast FM playlist staple. Take a listen to this thrilling and hard driving, but yet lyrical instrumental gem. Try visualizing the tube-riding surfer in the Hawaiian ocean! Great music for a hot summer day. The title refers to the time a speeding car takes to get to 60 mph from zero - 5 seconds! By the way, they are coming to Blue Note Tokyo on August 27-29 - must go!

1977年に全米最高位6位のヒットとなった「Whatcha Gonna Do?」でブレイクする前から、パブロ・クルーズは全米西海岸のFM曲のプレイリストの常連。中でもサーファー達を中心に人気を集めていたこのスリリングながら詩情あふれるインスト曲(映画「フリーライド」のテーマ曲でもあった)は今聞いても興奮します。この曲を聞きながらハワイの波に挑むサーファーをイメージしながら、暑い夏の一日を過ごして下さい。タイトルは、スピードレースで車が停止状態から時速60マイル(96キロ)まで5秒で行ってしまう、という意味だそうです。時にこのパブロクルーズ、何と今月末にブルーノート東京で33年ぶりの来日ギグを行うとのこと。行かねば!

Unsung Gems - 70s to Now --- Vol. 8

(2012.8.14 FB Posted)

Nothing But A Miracle - Diane Birch (2009) 
From the album "Bible Belt"

Anything could happen in the music world - right in the middle of 2000's, how could you imagine that you could bump into this wonder mixture of Carole King, Laura Nyro, and Bonnie Bramlet all into one? This indie release by 29 year old blue-eyed singer songwriter from Michigan was soooo good that it won the 2009 CD Grand Prix Award selected by CD shop employees in Japan, and made it to the best album ranking in my own 2009 list! Her song and singing definitely grab your heart and if you're in for R&B, you will fall in love with her. Please check out another video clip in which none other Daryl Hall duets with Diane in his own "Daryl's Room" show (http://youtu.be/H9lyrOETXao). Hugely recommendable album - you're not going to be disappointed.


Unsung Gems - 70s to Now --- Vol. 9

(2012.8.15 FB Posted)

Ol' 55 - Eagles (1974) 
From the album "On The Border"

I know Tom Waits might hate their cover of his song, but unless I met up with the album "On The Border" and this song, I wouldn't have suck it up for the Eagles and American rock, and eventually reached Tom Waits to find even more beautiful original rendition of this song! (Tom's original is in the album "Closing Time (1973)" and is here - http://youtu.be/ZXunos4IXDU- another masterpiece) This is before Eagles bloats itself up to larger than their own lives, and when we still had Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner in the lineup. You can actually visualize a pickup truck running away from you into the Nevada desert - the final chorus refrain is particularly making this song memorable. Great song beautifully done with complete justice.

原曲の作曲者で曲者シンガーソングライターのトム・ウェイツは彼らのカバーをお気に召さないと思うけど、僕に取っては、このアルバムのこの曲に巡り会わなかったら、イーグルスをはじめとするアメリカンロックにはまることもなく、結果的にトム・ウェイツにたどり着いて彼の美しいオリジナル・バージョンに驚嘆することもなかった(アルバム「Closing Time」収録の彼のオリジナルもこちらでどうぞ:http://youtu.be/ZXunos4IXDU)、そんな大事な一曲。ホテキャリとかで自らもコントロールできないくらいにイーグルスが巨大化してしまう前、まだバーニー・レドンランディ・マイズナーが初期からのイーグルスの美しさを支えていたそんな時代の歌です。この曲を聴くとネヴァダの砂漠のまっただ中の一本道を夕陽に向かって走り去っていくピックアップトラックが見えるのは僕だけでしょうか。曲の最後の部分のコーラス・リフレインも含め、オリジナルの名曲の良さを見事に表現したカバーです。

Unsung Gems - 70s to Now --- Vol. 10

(2012.8.19 FB Posted)

Whammer Jammer - The J. Geils Band (1972) 
From the live album "Full House"

I'm sure you had listened to this one of the greatest rock and roll blues harp song of all time around midnights at FEN (now AFRTS) radio, back in the 70s and 80s. Magic Dick did put himself as the rock and roll blues harp legend with this sole performance, and you know what, it still kicks ass! Great for summer parties - enjoy!


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